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How often should I have to service my fire extinguishers?

The Fire Code Reference requires every place of business and residential building to service their fire extinguishers and emergency lights annually. 

Every six years, a maintenance is required for fire extinguishers. 

Hydro-test is required every 12 years for dry chemical, but 5 years for Co2, water and K class.

Can I use an ABC dry chemical extinguisher in my home’s kitchen?

Short answer: yes. The ABC will address all types of fire. A grease fire is extremely volatile and the best method of extinguishing it is by using a fire extinguisher.

For large kitchens, it's typically recommended to use a K-class.

Why is the pin on a fire extinguisher sealed?

It has two purposes. The first is ensuring that the unit has not been tampered with since the last inspection and the second is that it prevents the safety pin from falling out.

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